012 | Two Guys And A Film – Canyon Prince & James Thomas

They’re just two guys an a film. Well, two films… for now. Canyon Prince and James Thomas are actor and film student turned director/producers for each others films. They have each PA’d on bigger film productions and television sets and just knew deep down that they were meant for something bigger. Their own projects, their own names at stake. They knew that in order to be proud of what they did, they had to own it. So they attacked their films with vigor. In only one week they each went away and wrote their scripts then within a year they had production underway or completed for both films! How is that for action!

Listen and learn from two guys who just went out and made it happen. You can do it too!

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Two Guys And A film | Twitter @2GuysAndAFilm , Facebook http://facebook.com/twoguysandafilm , Website http://www.twoguysandafilm.com/

Canyon Prince | Twitter @CanyonPrince

James Thomas | Twitter @JamesThomasLA

Two Guys’s Top Advice for digital filmmakers

Connect to your audience early. Get on Facebook, get on Twitter and engage them! Develop creative collaborative communities, they will sustain you.

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